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218 E. Main Medford Oregon


Refurbished Computers

Recycling Squared takes computers and has Itrex, refurbish them. Itrex is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.  We then offer them to you with the same warranty as the manufacturer does for refurbished computers.

Community Cares

Computer Campaign

The owner of  R2E has been working with many of the local charities as part owner and General Manager of Itrex. He was inspired to do a computer drive for some charities and schools as a way of giving back to the local community that supports his employees.

Follow the link blow to find out who needs what and how you can help.

R2E and Itrex, joint charity computer drive.

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Laptop Computers

.Mostly dual core but we do have a few single core for those on a budget.

Printers & Copiers

A wide variety of copiers and printers are always available.

Desktop Computers

Most of the computers that we get in are dual core.  90 day warranty



August 1st 3:00 P.M.

Ribbon Cutting

Memory and Drives

Need to add a dvd burner, memory or Hard Drive.

Cables & Wires

Power Cables, Networking Cables etc... Sold by the foot.

Non Computer Electronics

Could be anything from a high end toaster oven to a stereo.